Seed 4 Life

Seed 4 Life is Christian Discipleship Adventure is focused on young men between the ages of 18 and 25 who want a new life in Christ and are willing to think and live differently to have it. The adventure requires up to a six to eight month commitment with a willingness to be challenged in the physical, emotional, moral and spiritual provisions of life. It is our desire that young men, from across the nation and abroad, will eventually join us each year. Through our Christian discipleship experience, we aim to help young men discover there is a different way to live life — a life with selfless vision and deliberate purpose. Aspects of the experience are designed to challenge the young men as they learn to recognize God’s leading in their own life.

Seed 4 Life is not a rehabilitation or therapy program. It is not a place where the socially unacceptable are placed for corrective training. This is an opportunity for young men to discover who they truly are – and who God intends them to become.

Our goal is to set young men on the path to a meaningful life in Christ, not to eliminate all negative behaviors. It is the desire of the community of directors and instructors gathered around these young men, to help them make right choices by empowering them with the knowledge of the Truth in the context of their identity as believers in Christ.

Seed 4 Life

You can learn more at or email rick at or call 812-319-4907.

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