In 1981, not long after becoming one of our Bible Study leaders, Billy asked me to spend time with him on a regular basis. We started meeting often on Tuesday nights. Billy would drive, and I would ride along as he stopped to meet with and help people in their homes. I watched, and occasionally spoke up, as Billy lived out his faith in Jesus before others and me. I honestly do not remember a single Bible verse or Bible study Billy and I discussed. But, I do remember his heart for the Lord and people. By Billy’s example I saw some of the Lord’s potential within me as well. In hindsight, I needed someone like Billy to show me I was underselling Jesus. 

I had little vision for my life. I hardly even knew myself. Billy helped me discover so much about the Lord ‘s ways. Through time in relationship with the Lord, He used Billy to show me a way to embrace the freedom to discover my unique expression in Christ. Thanks to the God in men like Billy, I have given my time weekly to train believers in freely connecting faith to life since 1987.


Discipleship and Bob

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Another man, like Billy, who invested much time into my life is Bob. Bob went to be with the Lord is August of 2014. A mutual friend of Bob and I asked me to the following questions in April of 2015. It finally seems that the Lord has helped me to order my thoughts in a reply to the following two questions.   Could you summarize your relationship with Bob in a way that would explain how he viewed discipleship?  My relationship with Bob, as it relates to discipleship, began in August of 1989. That was the month before he and Kim were married....

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Biblical Discipleship

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Biblical Discipleship – to teach the believing student how to think as a believer before God, training them to have a sound relationship with the God of the Scriptures; to discover their expression in the Lord Jesus Christ.   Armor and Discipleship If someone doesn’t trust you, they will want you to wear their armor. That is what king Saul did to David on the battlefield before he faced Goliath, I Samuel 17:38-39. The person pushing his or her armor upon another doesn’t trust this person, and in fact, the pusher foremost does not trust...

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